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Welcome to Susan's Parrot Place...

Provider, Nurturer and Social Developer of Companion Parrots.

I offer the best in exotic birds, high-end avian nutrition, premium cages and toys only a parrot could love; to ensure that you and your companion parrot can share a wonderful lifetime together. My private breeder network allows me to offer Macaws, Cockatoos, African Greys, Amazons, Conures, and almost any bird you can dream of or hope to share your life with.

If you want the best value, with the highest quality birds, trained with structured nurturing guidance and training techniques, to provide you with the best possible lifetime companion. Just give me a call and schedule an appointment to visit me. I am here for you!

I love my birds and I believe you will too!

Call (616) 363-9008

For Your No Obligation Experience of a Lifetime!

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Please remember, after deposit on baby, there are no refunds or exchanges. Please make sure a feathered friend is a good addition to your family and you have the time the bird will require and are willing to commit the length of time your bird will live or a family member it can go to if needed.
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